Using SEO to Grow Your Medical Practice

In Chicago, the medical field is a very competitive field in the arena of online searching. It is very important to make sure your site is set-up with the proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in order to draw substantial traffic to your site, and ultimately more business. You can do this by learning how to optimize your website yourself, or hire a service like Chicago Ranking – A Chicago SEO Company.

Some of the key factors in SEO optimization include:

• Keywords

This is the most obvious of all the factors. Keywords are what help to get your site picked up and noticed by the search engines. You will need to research the keywords first so that you get keywords that work best for your practice and location.

The trick is to use these keywords just enough throughout your site to get noticed without overusing them. Overuse of your keywords is also known as keyword stuffing and search engines recognize this and penalize those who over use.


Create a sharp, simple and memorable URL. URLs that are complicated or use odd symbols or numbers aren’t easily read by search engines which can be detrimental to your site. You will be knocked down on the line on search engines and may even be viewed as spam.

• Metadata

When you search for something on the internet you will get a list of links related to your topic. Each link includes the URL and a description of what you’ll find when you click. This is metadata. Your keyword should be mentioned in your metadata and should be interesting to capture your prospective client’s attention.

• Link Building

Getting your link noticed means having it appear on other sites. You want your link on as many sites as possible but you want it on credible sites to give you a more credible appearance. You also want your link back to appear naturally on other sites and not in random text. When sloppily done, your link backs can cost you a penalty.

• Web Design

It’s worth the money to get a professional web designer to put together a professional and fully functional web page for your site. A cheaply done or ill-functioning web page is frustrating to existing and potential clients and can turn them away from your practice. Your web design will absolutely affects your SEO. It will either boost your site on the search engines or it will knock you down the chain.

• Social websites

Getting social means getting your site noticed on multiple social sites. This gives your practice credibility as well as the opportunity to get passed around and grow. Search engines pick up on how social your website is and prefer it over non-social sites.

• Content Marketing

You can create the content for your site yourself. Creating your own content gives you the opportunity to use your keywords, while keeping the rule of keyword stuffing in mind. One way to market your content is with a blog. Companies that have a blog are recognized easier with search engines. The search engines draw a line between your business and your keywords which will help to get you noticed.

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