Tech Improves Post Care Plastic Surgery Procedure

Breast augmentation is becoming a really common procedure. Women who aren’t contented with their natural breasts size can simply fulfill their desire by undergoing this type of surgical procedure. In case you’re interested in undergoing breast augmentation, you need to know how to take care of yourself after the surgery for your own good. This will also give you a slight idea about the management you’ll need after the procedure in case you are considering going for one. Here are some breast augmentation post operation care instructions. Remember to follow them carefully, as this will determine the ultimate result of the surgery.

Almost all the patients suffer from pain, and discomfort throughout the chest area, and pain medication is normally prescribed for this. In case your doctor hasn’t given you any prescription and you feel pain, you need to contact your doctor and get the medication. In case you were given the medicines, follow the instructions on the label carefully, even if you have to set an alarm to take the medicine during the night. Avoid taking products that contain ibuprofen or aspirin for two weeks after the procedure.

Swelling on the operated area is also common and you can reduce this by applying ice in the first twenty four hours. Apply the ice for twenty minutes after every half an hour.

Slowly advance your diet depending on how your body can tolerate it. Start with liquids and light foods before you progress to a normal diet. Rapid advancement in the diet may lead to nausea and vomiting. It’s also good to always have food in your stomach, since this will frequently help reduce nausea caused by the medications.

It’s normal to have some bloody drainage after surgery. It’s advisable to always keep your bandages dry. When changing the bandages, wash your hand thoroughly. Also, don’t touch the incisions or the drain tube where it goes in the skin. Also remember to use sterilized gauze.

Even though most plastic surgeons will allow you to shower twenty four hours after the surgery, you should avoid still water for two weeks following the surgery. This includes swimming pools, bath water, whirl pools, oceans, lakes, and hot tubs among others.

Don’t put on under-wire bras. The wire in the bra may affect your breast implant’s position. Your surgeon will provide you with either a wide and elastic bandage round your breasts, or a soft and supportive post-surgical bra.

Limit your activity to your house for the first twenty four to forty eight hours. Completely avoid any strenuous sports including aerobics, sports, jogging or tennis for six weeks following the surgery. Don’t reach above your shoulder height, nor bend below your waist level, for two weeks after the operation. You may drive your car in three days, but with caution, wearing the lap and shoulder seat belts. Also, you can sleep on your back for one week.

Please avoid any heating, hot water bottles or electric blanket to the surgical site. Also refrain from sexual activity until further notice.

Avoid staying alone right after the operation. You need to have someone around you for no less than twenty four hours after the surgery.

In conclusion, even though the results of breast augmentation surgery are visible immediately after the surgery, it may take several weeks or even months to see the final result. This is due to the fact that it can take months for the bruising and swelling to totally disappear. It’s important that you follow up with your doctor to make sure that your recovery from the surgery is on track.

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