Apple has recently announced the sale of their 1 billionth iPhone handset, which makes it the best-selling product of all time. To put this into perspective, it’s the closest rival is the Harry Potter Series of books which have combined sales of about 450 million. This is a remarkable achievement, but for all the great prowess of Apple in marketing, design, and sales, there are still two main issues that affect everyone with a modern smartphone – Battery Life and Device Fragility.

Devices, processors, screens, every other part of the cell phone has drastically improved over the years except battery technology. As we push our devices to do even more on a daily basis, the simple fact remains, that batteries cannot power our devices as long as we need them to.

The other major issue with cell phones is their fragility. Take a ride on a rush hour train in any city in the world and look at people’s phones, I would estimate that at least 25 percent of the people using a phone have a broken or cracked screen. Luckily for me, this has only ever happened once to me, but it was a horrible and expensive experience, one that I am not keen to repeat.

There are two ways to solve the problems above; you can go look for mobile accessories and extended batteries, or you can go for the hybrid solution of a battery phone case.

My personal preference is the first option and lets me explain why. Extended batteries come in different sizes, apparently the bigger the size, the more power they can supply. For me, the advantage of an external extended battery is that it gives you options. It is not tied to one device; it can charge, numerous phones, headsets, and other devices. When you buy a battery case that is limited to the phone, you currently use, which in most cases will change every two years.

The other advantage of this system, in my opinion, is that the technology in a battery case has gone into the battery, not the protection of the device. It could be argued that the extra weight of the battery in the case makes the whole package even heavier, which means it will fall to its inevitable demise even quicker.

By choosing the separate option, you have the best of both worlds, a strong protective case, and a high powered external battery. The negative aspect of this option is that you then have to carry two separate devices which can put a lot of people off.

iphone caseRegarding protection, my favorite cases are made by Otterbox, don’t get me wrong; these will never win any fashion awards, but that isn’t their purpose. If you want to get a battery case, then there is only one company worth considering, and that is Mophie. Their batteries are superior to the opposition, and while you pay for that up front, the battery will last as long as your phone if not longer.

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In Chicago, the medical field is a very competitive field in the arena of online searching. It is very important to make sure your site is set-up with the proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in order to draw substantial traffic to your site, and ultimately more business. You can do this by learning how to optimize your website yourself, or hire a service like Chicago Ranking – A Chicago SEO Company.

Some of the key factors in SEO optimization include:

• Keywords

This is the most obvious of all the factors. Keywords are what help to get your site picked up and noticed by the search engines. You will need to research the keywords first so that you get keywords that work best for your practice and location.

The trick is to use these keywords just enough throughout your site to get noticed without overusing them. Overuse of your keywords is also known as keyword stuffing and search engines recognize this and penalize those who over use.


Create a sharp, simple and memorable URL. URLs that are complicated or use odd symbols or numbers aren’t easily read by search engines which can be detrimental to your site. You will be knocked down on the line on search engines and may even be viewed as spam.

• Metadata

When you search for something on the internet you will get a list of links related to your topic. Each link includes the URL and a description of what you’ll find when you click. This is metadata. Your keyword should be mentioned in your metadata and should be interesting to capture your prospective client’s attention.

• Link Building

Getting your link noticed means having it appear on other sites. You want your link on as many sites as possible but you want it on credible sites to give you a more credible appearance. You also want your link back to appear naturally on other sites and not in random text. When sloppily done, your link backs can cost you a penalty.

• Web Design

It’s worth the money to get a professional web designer to put together a professional and fully functional web page for your site. A cheaply done or ill-functioning web page is frustrating to existing and potential clients and can turn them away from your practice. Your web design will absolutely affects your SEO. It will either boost your site on the search engines or it will knock you down the chain.

• Social websites

Getting social means getting your site noticed on multiple social sites. This gives your practice credibility as well as the opportunity to get passed around and grow. Search engines pick up on how social your website is and prefer it over non-social sites.

• Content Marketing

You can create the content for your site yourself. Creating your own content gives you the opportunity to use your keywords, while keeping the rule of keyword stuffing in mind. One way to market your content is with a blog. Companies that have a blog are recognized easier with search engines. The search engines draw a line between your business and your keywords which will help to get you noticed.

Breast augmentation is becoming a really common procedure. Women who aren’t contented with their natural breasts size can simply fulfill their desire by undergoing this type of surgical procedure. In case you’re interested in undergoing breast augmentation, you need to know how to take care of yourself after the surgery for your own good. This will also give you a slight idea about the management you’ll need after the procedure in case you are considering going for one. Here are some breast augmentation post operation care instructions. Remember to follow them carefully, as this will determine the ultimate result of the surgery.

Almost all the patients suffer from pain, and discomfort throughout the chest area, and pain medication is normally prescribed for this. In case your doctor hasn’t given you any prescription and you feel pain, you need to contact your doctor and get the medication. In case you were given the medicines, follow the instructions on the label carefully, even if you have to set an alarm to take the medicine during the night. Avoid taking products that contain ibuprofen or aspirin for two weeks after the procedure.

Swelling on the operated area is also common and you can reduce this by applying ice in the first twenty four hours. Apply the ice for twenty minutes after every half an hour.

Slowly advance your diet depending on how your body can tolerate it. Start with liquids and light foods before you progress to a normal diet. Rapid advancement in the diet may lead to nausea and vomiting. It’s also good to always have food in your stomach, since this will frequently help reduce nausea caused by the medications.

It’s normal to have some bloody drainage after surgery. It’s advisable to always keep your bandages dry. When changing the bandages, wash your hand thoroughly. Also, don’t touch the incisions or the drain tube where it goes in the skin. Also remember to use sterilized gauze.

Even though most plastic surgeons will allow you to shower twenty four hours after the surgery, you should avoid still water for two weeks following the surgery. This includes swimming pools, bath water, whirl pools, oceans, lakes, and hot tubs among others.

Don’t put on under-wire bras. The wire in the bra may affect your breast implant’s position. Your surgeon will provide you with either a wide and elastic bandage round your breasts, or a soft and supportive post-surgical bra.

Limit your activity to your house for the first twenty four to forty eight hours. Completely avoid any strenuous sports including aerobics, sports, jogging or tennis for six weeks following the surgery. Don’t reach above your shoulder height, nor bend below your waist level, for two weeks after the operation. You may drive your car in three days, but with caution, wearing the lap and shoulder seat belts. Also, you can sleep on your back for one week.

Please avoid any heating, hot water bottles or electric blanket to the surgical site. Also refrain from sexual activity until further notice.

Avoid staying alone right after the operation. You need to have someone around you for no less than twenty four hours after the surgery.

In conclusion, even though the results of breast augmentation surgery are visible immediately after the surgery, it may take several weeks or even months to see the final result. This is due to the fact that it can take months for the bruising and swelling to totally disappear. It’s important that you follow up with your doctor to make sure that your recovery from the surgery is on track.

In general, plastic surgery is a personal choice that people do to improve their appearance. Facial plastic and reconstructive technology has advanced in the medical field to new effective methods and materials.

It has become much more refined, accessible, and individualized today. Several new materials and techniques have been introduced during the years. Developments and improvements in the field of medicine have always benefited the cosmetic surgery world. One of the most outstanding advances in plastic surgery has been the use of the endoscope in facial rejuvenation.

An endoscope is a device with a small camera that can be inserted through a very tiny cut in the skin and can transmit a view of the underlying tissues to a TV screen. Since endoscope is also used by orthopedic surgeons, many people know how it is used. This old technology has been recently applied to plastic surgery. Now, surgeons are able perform brow lifts through this method, by applying several small incisions in the scalp. In cases where patients complain about jowl sagging and mid face rather than skin excesses, the cosmetic surgery can be performed through some tiny incisions in the lower eyelids and in the scalp in order to get a perfect face lift.

It is said that the most preferable patients for this method are the ones in their 30s and 40s with nice skin tone. However, recovery time is a bit longer than with common facelifts because of swelling which persists for several weeks. But on the other hand, the results are better and these procedures have allowed cosmetic surgery to extend to younger patients.

There have been many amazing technology developments in the cosmetic surgery fields such as: breast augmentation, lip augmentation, liposuction and rhinoplasty (nose reshaping). According to BA San Diego, Breast augmentation through the fat grafting procedure is increasing a lot recently, even though that it is not surpassing breast implants. And of course the impact of technology has increased the number of people who that want to do a plastic surgery.

A recent innovation in surgery field is the use of radiofrequency to create a softer and smoother technology and also remove damaged tissue. In addition tumescent technique of liposuction changed the way that patients reduce adipose fat tissues all over the body. Through this method, plastic surgeons distend soft tissues and the fat with local anesthesia, salt water and adrenaline. In this way, blood loss can be reduced a lot compared to other traditional techniques of liposuction.

Doctors also hope that some ultrasound and liposuction experimental procedures improve quickly in order to have even more effective techniques for surgeons. In 2007, was approved a new form of liposuction that is called SmartLipo. This technique is able to give great result by just a small incision in the patient’s body, the rest of their fat removal is achieved through a small laser fiber that is inserted in this tiny incision. Doctors say that this procedure is much safer and also more effective than older techniques of liposuction. Moreover this has become the most common form of liposuction that many clinics perform. Furthermore, technology has impacted cosmetic surgery through the lasers techniques.

The new and very interesting application of lasers is in skin resurfacing. Carbon dioxide lasers are now being used by some plastic surgeons. By using this laser, instead of dermabrasion, wrinkles around the eyelids and mouth can be effectively reduced with less tissue destruction. Lasers can also be used for many other purposes such as tatoos removal, treating red vascular lesions etc.Skin grafts is another effective techniques used in plastic surgery. It may be used to cover skin that is missing or that has been damaged because of age or other reasons.

Skin graft is the procedure healthy skin removal from one part of the body in order to restore another part of the same body. There are three different types of this procedure, which include: split thickness skin graft; full thickness skin graft and composite skin graft. Finally, we can say that plastic surgery has always been a technique driven by technology without any regional anatomic focus and advances in technology has made it even more popular and safer. Every new material, technique or technology is constantly tested and approved in order to ensure safety, accessibility and customization for you.

Technology. Everyone loves it, but most take it for granted. Many people don’t realize how big technology has become in our everyday loves. Not only is it all around us at home, it’s all around us at work, at school, in our car, and pretty much anywhere you are.

With that, technology is progressing. It’s progressing in the medical field, in arts and entertainment, and more. It’s progressing all around us every day but we don’t realize it because it’s just so normal for us.

With Tech-Progress, we go over technical progression, advancements, and how you can use different forms of technology to enhance certain things in your life or workplace.