Apple has recently announced the sale of their 1 billionth iPhone handset, which makes it the best-selling product of all time. To put this into perspective, it’s the closest rival is the Harry Potter Series of books which have combined sales of about 450 million. This is a remarkable achievement, but for all the great prowess of Apple in marketing, design, and sales, there are still two main issues that affect everyone with a modern smartphone – Battery Life and Device Fragility.

Devices, processors, screens, every other part of the cell phone has drastically improved over the years except battery technology. As we push our devices to do even more on a daily basis, the simple fact remains, that batteries cannot power our devices as long as we need them to.

The other major issue with cell phones is their fragility. Take a ride on a rush hour train in any city in the world and look at people’s phones, I would estimate that at least 25 percent of the people using a phone have a broken or cracked screen. Luckily for me, this has only ever happened once to me, but it was a horrible and expensive experience, one that I am not keen to repeat.

There are two ways to solve the problems above; you can go look for mobile accessories and extended batteries, or you can go for the hybrid solution of a battery phone case.

My personal preference is the first option and lets me explain why. Extended batteries come in different sizes, apparently the bigger the size, the more power they can supply. For me, the advantage of an external extended battery is that it gives you options. It is not tied to one device; it can charge, numerous phones, headsets, and other devices. When you buy a battery case that is limited to the phone, you currently use, which in most cases will change every two years.

The other advantage of this system, in my opinion, is that the technology in a battery case has gone into the battery, not the protection of the device. It could be argued that the extra weight of the battery in the case makes the whole package even heavier, which means it will fall to its inevitable demise even quicker.

By choosing the separate option, you have the best of both worlds, a strong protective case, and a high powered external battery. The negative aspect of this option is that you then have to carry two separate devices which can put a lot of people off.

iphone caseRegarding protection, my favorite cases are made by Otterbox, don’t get me wrong; these will never win any fashion awards, but that isn’t their purpose. If you want to get a battery case, then there is only one company worth considering, and that is Mophie. Their batteries are superior to the opposition, and while you pay for that up front, the battery will last as long as your phone if not longer.